Payroll Solutions

Improve operational efficiency and slash administrative costs though our payroll outsourcing solutions.

InfoPeople provides Payroll outsourcing services that give our clients access to the right talent while reducing
or eliminating time and resource-intensive administrative responsibilities.

Our Payroll Solutions provide the following benefits:

Reduced administrative and overall costs.

Access to a wide pool of talents and personnel.

Improved efficiency due to reduced paperwork and record-keeping.

Assurance that your payroll is being handled according to state and federal laws.

We offer full-time, part-time, and contractual employees via the following Payroll Solutions:

Traditional Payroll Services:

InfoPeople is the employer of record.

InfoPeople assumes legal obligations for employees’ wages, deductions, and unemployment insurance.

Payroll is processed via direct deposits, pay cards, or live checks.

Customized Payroll Services:

All the benefits of Traditional Payroll Services

Additional customizations available

Perfect for organizations with unique or complex payroll requirements